Recruitment Events

Follow the link below to register for recruitment at

Registration is open to any and all NMSU women who meet the following requirements!

  • Currently enrolled at NMSU main-campus as a full-time student (12 credits)
  • Have a 2.0 minimum GPA (or high school equivalent)

Important Dates Fall 2018-

Sorority Orientation, Wednesday, August 22 @ 6:00 in the Corbett Auditorium – This is an informational session where you will be able to find out what to expect during the Recruitment process, see examples of what to wear on each day of Recruitment and meet the girls guiding you through the process.

Sorority Recruitment, August 24-27 – This process will allow you to travel from house to house meeting the girls from each chapter. You will learn about the chapters sisterhood, philanthropy and traditions. This is the time where you will be able to find your home away from home and meet the girls that will become sisters.